Used Hybrid Batteries: Think Before You Buy!

videoAmericans love great deals. Some of us need them and some of us just like to win at the consumer-retailer game. No one wants to overpay for products and everyone likes a good deal. While this may come as no surprise, but the real surprise may just be in the quality of the product you buy. When it comes to your hybrid vehicle, shopping around for the best price should you ever need a new hybrid battery is not a bad idea, but often times you’ll get what you pay for if it seems too good to be true. Buying a used hybrid battery is not always the cheapest investment, especially if you buy one that is low-quality or comes with problems which are expensive to fix. We see this too much in our hybrid repair shop.

As you can see in this video , hybrid technicians are urging consumers to be aware of low prices for used hybrid batteries and common flaws. Although hybrid batteries are meant to last many, many miles, they can lose power, efficiency and quality over time. While replacing the battery is one possibility, you’ll want to be sure it is ready to get your hybrid back to its original state. This may be better done with our battery conditioning service which restores power to your original battery. As one of the few hybrid repair shops in Arizona that performs the service, we know the gamble is a whole lot less than forking over money for a used HEV battery of questionable quality.

The real problem is not always with the battery itself, but with the quality of hybrid repair that someone may have performed previously. Hybrid repairs require a knowledgeable technician who can find their way throughout the complex hybrid battery pack. Repairs that are done right will last longer than those which are botched. Even if a used hybrid battery looks decent, some issues are hidden and some are even visible to the human eye if you know what you’re looking for. The modules that comprise a battery pack need special attention in order to keep the vehicle optimally performing.

Hybrid battery conditioning service is an affordable way to boost your current battery to over 90% of its original performance through module testing, data analysis and charge cycling. Making the choice now will eliminate poor fuel economy, reduced torque and battery replacement costs in the thousands of dollars. Before you buy a used hybrid car or a used hybrid battery, be sure that you understand the risks – and know where to take it for an informed opinion!