Hybrid Fleet Services

Professional Hybrid Service

Employing a hybrid fleet is something any business can benefit from – and can set you apart from your competitors. If your company has already chosen a hybrid fleet, we congratulate you on being eco-friendly and making such a responsible decision. As you preserve our environment, reduce fossil fuel waste, and lower your emissions, we want you to have the best option for keeping your fleet running smoothly and as efficiently as the day you made your investment. Owning a hybrid fleet demands reliability and efficiency both from the hybrid vehicles you drive and the repair shop that maintains it. We at Wilhelm Automotive are committed to caring for your vehicle so that you can focus on your business.

Wilhelm Automotive provides the best hybrid maintenance and repair services as well as excellent customer service. Our trained experts possess all of the knowledge and technology for quick repairs so that you can have your fleet working fully for you in no time. It is our promise to do repairs right the first time you bring your HEV to our shop. Along with strict attention to detail and full ASE Master Certification, we also offer a 36,000-mile or 3 year warranty on most repairs, including our hybrid battery conditioning process. Every time one of your fleet vehicles comes into one of our certified repair locations, we automatically run a free 22-point inspection so that you minimize the potential for unexpected costly repairs or unscheduled down time in the long run. To learn more about hybrid vehicle maintenance, check out our blogs.

Contact one of our locations today to learn about our special fleet priority scheduling and fleet pricing. Once again, thank you for your decision to take part in green technology and preserve the environment in your purchases.