Hybrid Battery Conditioning

EMPOWER YOUR HYBRID, EMPOWER YOUR DRIVING: Battery Pack Conditioning evolved from an idea by Dr. Mark Quarto and the team at Automotive Research and Design which aims at combating the three main drawbacks of hybrid battery technology: after time your used hybrid battery can deteriorate, lose power and start to lose gas mileage. As a hybrid owner, you deserve to get the most out of your investment, and a less than optimally energized hybrid battery can create a number of performance issues, usually resulting in poor fuel economy, reduced torque and battery replacement costs in the thousands of dollars.

The Hybrid Shop technology combines innovative equipment, hybrid expertise and advanced designs which have the potential to restore up to 90% or more of your HEV battery pack’s original power and energy. Rather than replace your battery, you can restore it, reducing the cost of a new battery and the environmental waste of an old battery. The Hybrid Shop’s exclusive technology (found only at The Hybrid Shop) can restore your battery to over 90% of its original performance through module testing, data analysis and charge cycling. To learn more about this service, watch our video:

Even with a hybrid, there can be drawbacks over time, making your once-efficient and eco-friendly car just like any other car on the road. The battery conditioning process, however, is like no other, and promises to revolutionize the hybrid owner’s experience. Hybrid owners can enjoy TWO major benefits to battery conditioning:

1. You’re going to save a LOT of money! A dealer can only offer you a single alternative to a faltering battery: Replace it completely. This can cost anywhere from $4000 – $5000. This is a significant investment that in some cases defeats the main point in most people buying a hybrid in the first place (saving money). With this revolutionary technology from The Hybrid Shop, you can easily save around 70% of your investment and get brand-new battery type results.

2. You’re going to make a positive difference in the environment and our landfills! Making such a positive eco-friendly impact on the environment is often a huge incentive for hybrid buyers. But when you need a new hybrid battery, buying a new battery and throwing out the old one essentially defeats another motive for the initial purchase. Used hybrid batteries typically end up in landfills where they affect the environment negatively. Rather than replacing your used hybrid battery, our hybrid battery conditioning will restore it almost to where it was when you first bought it. By conditioning your battery, you’ll not only be saving money out of your own pocket, but you’ll also be eliminating this unfortunate waste that is plaguing our industry and having the positive effect on the environment you knew about when making the change to hybrid vehicles.