Hybrid Auto Maintenance

Automotive Service & Preventative Maintenance

Hybrid electric vehicle maintenance is vital for optimal performance and longevity – and minimizing major unplanned expense. Just like with any other vehicle, routine maintenance is essential in avoiding serious and costly repairs down the road. However, your hybrid vehicle is different than gasoline-powered cars and finding a certified hybrid repair shop will help ensure that your mechanic is capable of repairing and maintaining the components of a complex hybrid electric vehicle system.

Having your hybrid maintained by the experts at Wilhelm Automotive will give you peace of mind knowing you are in great hands. Our staff and technicians have passed intense hybrid-specific training and exams so they are right up to date with the latest technology. Our ASE Certified and Master Technicians are qualified to perform any service that your domestic or import car requires.

Some of the common maintenance services we can provide Phoenix area hybrids include:

  • Comprehensive State of Health High Voltage Diagnostic— This is one of the most important services to keep youf HEV strong and powerful for the long term. This includes Power and Energy Testing on the high voltage battery and a full electrical analysis of the transmission drive motor-generator and stator units. For more information about this service, contact one of our shops.
  • Test and Condition High Voltage Battery— As part of our exclusive technology offering with The Hybrid Shop, this service Includes Power and Energy testing of hybrid high voltage battery system. Battery pack operation and performance significantly affects vehicle fuel economy.
  • Inspecting and Repairing High Voltage Cables
  • Front Brake System Maintenance
  • Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Flush for Power Electronics
  • Honda Power Electronics & Battery Cooling System Inspection
  • Ford Escape Hybrid Air Conditioning System Diagnostic Inspection
  • Transmission Fluid Flushing (Honda, GM, Lexus)

For details on Oil changes, click check our video out below;