Hybrid Auto Repair and Battery Services

Hybrid Auto Repair Services

Our Hybrid Shop locations offer a variety of services to keep your hybrid vehicle performing optimally:

HEV owners know that the day will come when they will need to replace their hybrid battery pack – it’s just one of those unfortunate evils of hybrid electric vehicle ownership. Although they do tend to last longer, they are an extremely expensive component to replace, easily costing several thousand dollars. The good news? You now have options that will save you money. We are extremely competitive when it comes to our battery replacement pricing. Before going ahead with the dealer, please check with us.

Finding a certified hybrid repair shop is crucial because hybrid vehicle repair is still evolving. Not all auto repair shops have the expertise or equipment to properly maintain your hybrid vehicle and its battery. Our licensed Hybrid Shop technicians are guaranteed to have the proper training and knowledge to diagnose the health of an entire hybrid system and repair the complex components of even the most complex hybrid vehicles in today’s market.