Wilhelm Auto Repair Peoria

Welcome to The Hybrid Shop in Peoria

Our auto repair Peoria location was where it all started. The Peoria auto repair center is the biggest and has been open the longest of all of our stores. Our strong links to the Peoria community has helped keep the store at a steady success throughout the expansion to other locations. This is also where the Wilhelm Automotive’s home office is located. The day to day running of the auto repair business is done here as well as in each of the seven locations.


Also working at the store regularly is Cindy Wise and Matt Spiekl. Both valuable members of the team and they are always sure to greet you with a smile. Cindy and Matt will be sure to help you with any of your automotive needs and answer any questions you may have. The waiting room is comfortable and has complimentary wi-fi is you prefer to wait for your vehicle. Also, complimentary coffee while you wait is a nice bonus. As for all our locations, we have a complimentary shuttle should you need to be transported anywhere whilst your car is in the shop. All the technicians are ASE certified and have been through extensive Hybrid Classes to stay up to date with the most recent technologies needed to work on your Hybrids.

So this is where everyone started getting going. We have been located on 83rd and Grand Avenue since 1928 but things have changed slightly. Check out some of our recent photo’s of our staff, waiting room and shop.

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