Life after Death for Hybrid Batteries

It’s hard to believe, but Toyota Prius hybrid cars have been on the market for around 16 years already. And while there are a few of those cars with the original Toyota hybrid battery that they were purchased with, other owners are finding themselves in quite the predicament – their hybrid dealer has told them that they need a new hybrid battery. Maybe they’re losing power, showing signs of poor performance, have terrible fuel economy or not starting. All of these are signs and symptoms of an aging hybrid battery but the sticker shock that comes with this diagnosis can be quite terrifying!

When your dealer tells you that you need a new hybrid battery, the price tag could be between $4,000 and $5,000! One of the motives for buying a hybrid car in the first place was probably some economic savings, so why would you want to invest thousands more dollars down the road, right? Hopefully this happens before the many-mile warranty on your hybrid battery runs out, but if not, there is another option. Hybrid battery conditioning in our shop will take your old hybrid battery and utilize our innovative equipment, extensive knowledge of hybrid batteries and advanced designs which can restore up to 90% or more of your HEV battery pack power and energy. We start with module testing, data analysis and charge cycling to get your battery back to a better state and condition.

When your dealer says that you need a new battery, consider this alternative first which can restore your battery and reduce the cost greatly. We can easily save you around 70% of your investment and you’ll still be able to enjoy results which measure up to the performance of a brand new battery. Plus, you’ll be making an eco-friendly decision by helping to reduce the number of hybrid batteries that are ending up in landfills around the world as time goes on. This is typically another huge incentive for hybrid owners.

We know you love your hybrid and want it to last so you enjoy the benefits of your investment.  Having to buy a new hybrid battery eliminates that. Let’s energize that used hybrid battery that is resulting in poor fuel economy, reduced torque or threatening to cost you thousands of dollars to replace. Give us a call and learn more about hybrid battery conditioning. You’ll be so glad you didn’t listen to your hybrid dealer right then and there.