How do I know if I need a new hybrid battery?

This is the questions some drivers seem to be asking recently. Although hybrid batteries were intended to last the lifetime of the vehicle, some battery packs are losing power and performance earlier than their owners would like. Tell-tale signs include low energy, reduced torque, quick loss of battery charge, limited performance and significantly lower gas mileage. All of these reasons that you bought an HEV in the first place can go down the drain when your HEV battery fails you.
Does your battery lose charge as soon as you start your vehicle? Does your vehicle rely mainly on the gasoline powered engine rather than electricity these days? Do you find yourself getting only half of the promised miles per gallon fuel economy? Then it is time to fork over $2000 to $4000 on a new hybrid battery. Wait… what?! Unfortunately, the cost of replacing your old hybrid battery is as high as it is environmentally impacting. Any type of battery production has a huge carbon footprint and throwing out old batteries also becomes harmful waste.
There IS an alternative for hybrid owners these days, however. The process, called battery pack conditioning, aims at battling the three main drawbacks of a used hybrid battery. These include hybrid battery deterioration, loss of power, and loss of gas mileage. As you see in this video from Dr. Mark Quarto and the team at Automotive Research and Design, there is a science behind battery pack reconditioning and only trained automotive technicians like those at Good Works Auto Repair and Wilhelm Automotive have received.
The bottom line is that you deserve to get the most out of your hybrid investment as well as enjoy all of the benefits that led you to your decision to drive a hybrid in the first place. A less than optimally energized hybrid battery can create numerous performance issues for certain. When you choose our affordable technology, you are choosing innovative equipment and advanced technology to restore up to 90% or more of your HEV battery pack’s original power and energy through module testing, data analysis and charge cycling. Rather than replace your battery, you can restore it, reducing the cost of a new battery and the environmental waste of an old battery.
One article in Forbes magazine discussed what some hybrid owners hoped would never happen – the news that they identified the dreaded P08A0 error code: Replace Hybrid Battery Pack. Online research posts in forums from other Prius owners about reconditioned batteries, and replacing individual battery cells led them to the conclusion that they could buy a brand new expensive battery, buy a reconditioned battery or used battery online. What their research failed to note is that it is dangerous and complicated to work on the complex hybrid systems. This isn’t a service that just anyone can do! If your hybrid is experiencing limited performance and poor gas mileage, come see us and we can determine whether or not your hybrid could benefit from battery pack conditioning, a service which turns used hybrid vehicles into new hybrid vehicles once again!