Saving Energy – How Wilhelm became energy positive in their Happy Valley store

When our venture into the hybrid market started back in 2014, we committed to a lot of different things. One of these areas we choose to  focus on saving energy throughout the company as a whole. Once we decided to go into the hybrid market we also saw the importance of becoming a “greener” company. Our recent blog topics touched on how we can help “Save The World” by switching over to a Hybrid or electric vehicle. Obviously that’s a stretch but with the world struggling with pollution and the constantly talked about topic of global warming, we thought we would get involved and that was a big focus for our design team when we broke ground for our newest location over in Happy Valley.

Performance Tune up

To help with this we contacted Oculus Studio. And, the result of their suggested energy efficiency measures enables the Happy Valley location of Wilhelm Automotive to have an annual energy operational cost of less than $700 per year. Very significantly the facility also generates enough annual electricity from solar energy to be energy positive, which means it produces more energy than it consumes.

By entering the project the APS Solutions for Business program and using the Whole Building Performance method Oculus was able to design financially feasible and realistic energy efficiency measures. For example, analysis during the design process showed energy efficiency measures could be applied to reduce envelope loads, such as exterior mass walls and R-40 roof insulation. An energy management system was shown to better control lighting and take advantage of daylighting. To further maximize savings, more efficient HVAC equipment and interior LED lighting was incorporated into the final design. Working in combination the energy efficiency measures resulted in an Energy Use Index (EUI) of 7.62 kWh per square foot per year and showed a reduction in annual energy consumption of over 20%

In order to reduce utility cost even further, Oculus Studio designed a 34.56 kW DC hybrid roof / canopy solar PV system.

Lots of technical terms I know for us to keep up with but the main point is that at our newest location in Happy Valley we are energy positive. Which means we are producing more energy than we are using and we’re more efficient at it, –not wasting energy. In the Automotive industry (or any industry for that matter) that is rare. We want to thank Oculus studios for working with us to help us meet our vision of saving energy.