Hybrid Service and Repairs From a Name You Trust

Hybrid ShopWe understand the many benefits a hybrid vehicle can give to its owner. We also know that those benefits are the very reason you chose to invest in a hybrid in the first place.  Hybrid repairs can be complex at times and simple at times, but whatever the repair, your vehicle’s systems deserve the very best service – trained hybrid experts who have access to the latest hybrid technology and tools.

Our repair shop prides itself on customer service and excellence in hybrid repair for the last several years. We follow the mission statement of The Hybrid Shop, and those exact goals are what drives our business each day. “Provide the highest quality maintenance, service, and repair experience for hybrid and electric vehicle owners delivered by our international dealer network that is built upon expert knowledge, experience, and a commitment to continuous training.” We want to offer our customers the best from start to finish.

Not all repair shops are equipped for hybrid repairs. As a certified hybrid repair shop,  we are able to do more for hybrid cars than traditional repair shops; we have trained mechanics, coupled with the right tools and technology for this industry. we are able to provide accurate HEV battery diagnosis and repair using control software that can test the power and efficiency of your battery cells. By testing the power and energy of your hybrid battery, we can condition your battery rather than replace it for a fraction of the price! There is no worrying about how much a new hybrid battery is going to cost or if a used hybrid battery is even any good. Our battery conditioning will allow you to keep your existing battery by regaining up to 90% or more of your battery’s original power and energy.

Once you leave our shop, you can feel good knowing our work is backed by a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty. We believe in our technology, we believe in our customer service and most of all, we believe in the power and purpose of driving a hybrid vehicle. We’ll walk you through everything, start to finish, and make sure to meet your needs as well as those of your specific vehicle. The Hybrid Shop has always been a name you could trust – come see for yourself!