Hybrid Batteries: Meant to Last, But Not Forever

Battery Dead Already?

As a hybrid vehicle owner, you are probably pretty in tuned to how your vehicle is performing, your gas mileage and any needs it may have. Most hybrid owners are knowledgeable people who went green for a certain reason and after several years of owning your vehicle, we doubt things have changed. You still rely on your hybrid battery to get you where you need to go easily with good gas mileage and good power – just as the day you bought the vehicle. But over time, some hybrid batteries begin to break down and by being vigilant and paying careful attention to the condition of your battery, you can help to prolong the life of your battery.

We recently received a hybrid battery here in our shop that was about 8 or 9 years old. It was in bad condition and hybrid batteryneeded some serious help. The vehicle owner noticed that the battery was deteriorating because of its performance, or lack thereof, mileage decrease and surging. Hybrid batteries are meant to last a really long time, but there are some things we recommend our customers do to prolong their battery life. First, have the ventilation system periodically cleaned out by a person who is qualified to do so. There is a ventilation system and in some cases a filter in the vehicle’s cabin that can be cleaned out or changed to allow air flow through the hybrid battery pack to prevent over-heating, thus extending the battery life. The battery was not designed to last forever, but you can certainly cut its life short by not doing some simple preventative maintenance on it.

The bad, burned-up cells must be eradicated from the pack and replaced with compatible cells. After that, the remainder of the pack can be conditioned and brought up as much as 98% of new condition. This is where our battery conditioning service comes in. We will test your battery cells and determine which are at fault for hindering your vehicle’s performance, recondition them and have you on your way for a fraction of the cost of replacing your hybrid battery. This service, however, MUST be done by hybrid battery experts who have knowledge and experience with regenerating or conditioning batteries.  There are too many people out there taking advantage of the uninformed public and the repurcussions of messing up a battery pack are too great.

There are obviously some things a hybrid owner can do to prolong the life of the hybrid battery system as you can see. Vigilance and responsible ownership are things that we hybrid drivers take pride in. If your battery sounds familiar to this one, contact our shop today and let’s see if battery reconditioning is for you. It will save you time and money and will have your hybrid back up running just like the day you brought it home from the dealership.