Green Driving Without a Hybrid

green livingHybrids vehicles are more popular than ever, but even drivers who have not yet made the leap want to know how to drive a little greener and do their part to support the environment. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) recently published a Car Care article which can help all drivers go greener. With so many cars on the road, vehicles tend to be one of the worst pollutants. But knowing how to drive better and following the Car Care habits can reduce emissions and drive green even without a hybrid car.

Their tips are easy and effective! To drive green, do the following:

  • Slow down a little bit. Stops and starts and hard accelerations waste gas. When you’re driving on highways, use cruise control to maintain your pace and avoid braking and accelerating. Consolidating your errands into one trip out during the day can also save. The more you stop and go during the day, the more gas you’ll use.
  • Empty that trunk. Removing unnecessary items from your vehicle will reduce its weight, thus reducing gas usage.
    Don’t pollute. Dispose of used motor oil, antifreeze/coolant, and old batteries properly. Some repair facilities accept these items. You can always call your local government to see where to properly dispose of them. Part of being a green driver means thinking about the environment in more ways than driving. You are also responsible for the products your vehicle requires to run.
  • Replace filters and fluids as recommended by the owner’s manual.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure and alignment. Under-inflated tires waste fuel by forcing the vehicle’s engine to work harder. Plus, they last longer which means you can replace them less often and lessen the tire quantity in landfills.
  • Find a good auto repair shop that can do the work for you and who is ASE certified. They need to be qualified and trained to meet the needs of your vehicle. Plus, you will be able to have a conversation with them about your green driving goals. They can help give you other suggestions and perform maintenance services to help your vehicle get the most out of its performance and lifespan.

Anyone can be a green driver, not just those with hybrids! Enjoy!