Don’t Fear the Hybrid Battery!

hybridOwning a hybrid vehicle comes with some amazing benefits – outstanding gas mileage, reduced emissions, tax incentives, high performance options and great resale value. When you consider all these benefits, it almost makes you wonder why EVERYONE doesn’t drive a hybrid! We suppose there are some valid reasons why they aren’t the best option for everyone, but one of the most touted reasons is the cost of hybrid battery replacement. If a hybrid battery fails, replacement costs are well into the thousands, and frankly, that frightens a lot of people, who wants to shell out thousands of dollars for an automotive repair?

Believe us, we understand the pain of auto repair costs, we are car owners ourselves. That being said however, if hybrid battery replacement costs are the reason why you haven’t made the switch to a hybrid vehicle already, we can help alleviate that concern. First, hybrid batteries last a long time. Because hybrids are relatively new to the market, there wasn’t enough time to determine the average lifespan, and some early estimates were pretty low. Well, here we are, seventeen years after the first hybrid was introduced in the US and hybrid battery life has beaten expectations – and there are other options.

Currently, Toyota warranties their Prius battery for eight years or 100,000 miles everywhere except California where it’s 150,000 miles. Honda and Ford warranty their packs for 8 years or 80,000 miles, so it’s pretty obvious that these automotive companies don’t expect their hybrid packs to fail anytime soon. Additionally, there are numerous stories of packs lasting well into the 200,000 mile range and even some Ford Escape hybrid taxis breaking into the 300,000 mile range. Consumer Reports just recently tested a 2003 Prius with 215,000 miles on it and reported that performance had barely diminished.

Of course, battery packs won’t last forever and you will eventually find that gas mileage will start going down, power will decrease and it just won’t perform as it once did. When this happens, you can pretty much bet that the pack is failing. Ok, don’t panic yet – there are still options other than having to shell out thousands of dollars to replace the battery. The Hybrid Shop’s exclusive battery conditioning technology allows our certified hybrid mechanics to actually restore your hybrid battery to 95% or greater of its original performance at just a fraction of the cost of a new hybrid pack.

Hybrid battery conditioning will not only save you a ton of money, there is also the added benefit of staying eco-friendly by recycling and reusing your existing battery. Conditioning is something that must be done by a certified hybrid repair shop, and even then not all of them are capable of performing battery conditioning services. Our licensed Hybrid Shop technicians are guaranteed to have the proper training and knowledge to diagnose the health of an entire hybrid system and repair the components of even the most complex hybrid vehicles in today’s market – including hybrid battery conditioning services. So go ahead, if you haven’t already taken the plunge into the world of hybrid vehicles, what are you waiting for?