Certified Hybrid Repair & Diagnostics

You chose a hybrid vehicle because you wanted performance and reliability, so don’t you want the same when it comes to your hybrid repair shop? By choosing a certified hybrid repair facility, you will find the highest performing and reliable experts equipped to maintain the complex hybrid systems and ever-changing technology that HEVs bring to the market.

In order to provide the best service for your hybrid vehicles with both simple maintenance and more involved services like battery conditioning, our technicians frequently participate in the highest levels of training available in the industry so you can be confident that your HEV maintenance and repair is top notch. The skills of your technician must evolve and match the demands of your vehicle.

Here at The Hybrid Shops, we are not only the first, but we are THE ONLY auto repair shops to have obtained such exclusive levels of training. Our shops were the first and currently the ONLY shops in Arizona to earn the SAE International Advanced HEV Diagnostics certification. This is the outcome of intensive training courses involving lectures, hands-on labs, daily assessments, and a practical and written exam. The purpose of this course is to expand the hybrid diagnostic processes and systems currently used by the auto repair industry.

As members of The Hybrid Shop, we boast all of the training and resources necessary to diagnose, repair and maintain all systems on a hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), including electric transmission, DC-to-DC convertor and the power inverter. We are 100% committed to invest in all of the hybrid advances through technological innovation and as we become leaders in this industry, we will continue to seek ongoing training and provide our customers with the best repair services and high-quality customer service. The Hybrid Shop not only offers increased hybrid vehicle performance and gas mileage but the most knowledgeable hybrid technicians in this era of “green technology.”