Coupons for your Hybrid Repair

Wilhelm Automotive currently have 9 locations valley wide to take care of all your hybrid repair needs. We have special Hybrid coupons that you can take advantage of. We currently have special offers for things like Oil Changes, Air conditioning repair, check engine lights and everything else.

Oil Change Special

Oil Changes – Oil changes are the most common maintenance item on your vehicle. But many people overlook them, because let’s be honest, who has time for an Oil Change? In the video below, Mike goes through why an Oil Change is so important to the overall health of your vehicle and how often you should be changing it. The time varies based on your the year make and model. Listen to the video below and any questions, please let us know. Also, take advantage of our cool January Oil change special this month by clicking the link here.

With locations in Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Happy Valley, Cave Creek and Phoenix, there is a Wilhelm Automotive Service Center near you. Call your nearest location to set your next vehicle Maintenance Service.

Air Conditioning Special Offer

Here Mike goes over the most common problems we see with your Air Conditioning systems every day in the shop. He talks about what we look for in our AC inspections and how you can help prevent them.

Preventative Maintenance

Our focus on this video is showing our customers the value of Preventative Maintenance. Regular check ups on your vehicle can save you lots of money in the long run. Look after your car, and it will look after you.

Is your Prius Check Engine light on?

Check out this video where Mike explains the difference between a diagnostic and just simply pulling codes. One thing you should know when you see your Check Engine light is there a big difference between “Pulling Codes” and actual Diagnostics. Pulling Codes just accesses the computer and tells us the area of the problem. Here at Wilhelm we don’t like to guess what the problem is, we want to diagnose it. Your Diagnostic fee allows us to get to the root of the actual problem and fix it.

Our Diagnostic charges, allow us to stand behind our work 100% with a 36,000mile/36 month warranty. If you have any questions on the difference, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any of our 9 locations.

We are running a diagnostic special this month which allows you to take $20 off the original fee, and 10% off any recommended repairs (up to $75).

The importance of an Oil Change in your Hybrid

The importance of an Oil Change in Hybrids

It is not always easy to keep on top of, but it is a proven fact that keeping up to date with your Hybrid Oil change is one of the least expensive, most effective ways to keep your engine running at peak performance. It also has a very important role is extending the life of your hybrid. Take care of your hybrid, and you will be rewarded with more extended miles on your older vehicles.

Let’s break it down into a few more details on exactly what changing your engines oil actually does;

When?– Every vehicle is different, but one thing is clear nowadays, MOST hybrids do not require a change every 3,000 miles like all auto repair shops used to recommend. So, our advice would be to check your vehicles owner’s manual or ask any of Wilhelm’s customer service advisors for recommendations. Some Hybrids use synthetic which extends that period that period to 5,000-7,000 miles or every six months. The oil change for hybrid cars is necessary to keep them up and running for longer just as much as it is vital for any regular vehicle.

Why?– It keeps the engine clean and the Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine.

Where?– For Oil changes, it is usually recommended to call in advance to book your appointment as some of our stores can be busy. Especially if you plan to wait while we complete it. We now have 9 locations valley wide.

We also have a special oil change offer on right now to celebrate our 90 anniversary. We have specials on for regular oil changes, synthetic oil changes, and diesel. So, no matter what vehicle you have, we have you covered.


Tips to help take care of your Hybrid during the Monsoon season

Arizona is known for its long Monsoon season. Rising temperatures throughout the summer always seems to bring extra risk of them. These are scheduled to last all the way through September. During this time, it’s important you keep hybrid car care at the top of your list and help stay safe. In this blog, we will discuss little tips to help you and your hybrid stay in tip-top shape throughout the summer Monsson season.

The most obvious problem we see in our shops at this time of year associated with the Monsoon season is water damage. Any flooding can cause major damage to your engine or battery if you expose it to the water. Driving through flood waters is a risk that needs to be avoided wherever possible. Our Arizona roads aren’t the best when it comes to drainage systems to here are a few recommendations we have if you are driving during a storm;

ALWAYS keep your hybrid headlights on – Most importantly this helps your visibility to other drivers and helps your view too.
SAFETY ISSUES- Have your safety issues in your hybrid checked. These are things such as tire tread, headlights and windshield wipers. If you are unsure how to check these, just call in to any of our 9 locations and we can take a quick look for you.
Drive with caution – Slow down when you are unsure and can’t see far enough ahead of you. It goes without saying that driving fast during storms is not a great idea.
Don’t get too close to the car in front of you! Slippery roads and lack of vision meansyou should keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you.
If you see a large puddle ahead of you, try your best to avoid it. Hitting one side of your car with a deep puddle can cause Hydroplaning and is a risk better avoided.

​​​If you see a large puddle ahead of you, try your best to avoid it. Hitting one side of your hybrid with a deep puddle can cause Hydroplaning and is a risk better avoided.All these tips are great if you absolutely HAVE to drive during a monsoon or dust storm. But wherever possible, please try to avoid the roads. These storms usually pass reasonably quick, so unless you have to, try to delay the journey until the roads are safer. If you do drive, ALWAYS wear your seatbelt and make sure your hybrid itself is in great working condition. If you have any other questions about Do’s and Don’ts during the summer, please let us know. At Wilhelm, we take hybrid car care very seriously, especially when it relates to you and your vehicles safety. Please take extra precautions during monsoon season and call us if you have any questions.

Hybrid Road Trip Special | Get your Hybrid ready for your Summer Road trip

$39.95 Road Trip Special| Get your Hybrid ready

With the record temperatures upon us, many of you will be thinking about getting out of town on a Road Trip within the next month or so. We put together a checklist for you of things you will need to take care of before setting off. Here are a few minor maintenance issues to have a look over before you get going.

Check your tire pressure

Easy to do but vitally important. Depending on the distance you are planning to go, lots of highway miles can really add heat to your tires, (especially in 115 degree + heat). Most vehicle manuals recommend going slightly higher than usual if you are planning a long trip. It is better to be on the safe side of things. It’s always worth having a spare tire too just for peace of mind more than anything. Lots of newer cars do not carry a spare and have all “run flat” tires.

Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance is huge in the heat of Arizona in the summer. Double check your battery is charged otherwise you could end up with a no start when you stop off for gas halfway along your much-anticipated road trip. If it is possible, check the fluid in the battery to make sure it is not drained. If it is corroded, it could look a little like dry toothpaste. If this is the case then pull off all the cables and clean the terminals properly. Just in case, if you have access to jumper cables, this is never a bad idea. Again, better to be safe than sorry.

Check your Insurance details

Make sure you are aware of your insurance details and have their contact information. If you are a member of our rewards program, then you are covered. Simply call the number on the back of your card and your tow will be reimbursed. If you need to go through your insurance, make sure you have the correct details.

Check Fluid levels

At Wilhelm, this is standard with every single Car Health Check. if you have been serviced at one of our shops in the past, you are good to go. We check for things like; engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid. All are important with some of these requiring a special procedure to check. If you are unsure, call in and have things looked over to make sure you are all set.

Electronics and music – a long road trip with kids can be stressful. Make sure all your devices are charged and ready to go with the necessary cables to charge. It’s also nice to have music prepared, audiobooks or podcasts to make the journey more interesting. Phones need to be charged so you can use them for navigation as well.

Lights and Wiper blades – Checking lights is easy, have a friend or spouse just verify your lights are all in good working order. Changing taillights with a trunk full of luggage can be a pain and so can shopping for new bulbs along your way, especially with some vehicle’s having unusual ones.

Tools – Wrenches, screwdrivers and anything like a normal toolbox can be helpful in tough situations.  Also, a flashlight is vital. Having a flat at night can be a real pain if you are not prepared.

Vehicle papers – finally, it’s always a good idea to travel with your vehicles documentation to avoid any problems along the way. Also, if you have Roadside Assistance, make sure you have the correct number in case you run into any problems.

We hope everyone enjoys their summer and stays cool. If you have any worries about your vehicle before taking the trip, just give us a call. Also, take advantage of your Road Trip special offer we have below;

Saving Energy – How Wilhelm became energy positive in their Happy Valley store

When our venture into the hybrid market started back in 2014, we committed to a lot of different things. One of these areas we choose to  focus on saving energy throughout the company as a whole. Once we decided to go into the hybrid market we also saw the importance of becoming a “greener” company. Our recent blog topics touched on how we can help “Save The World” by switching over to a Hybrid or electric vehicle. Obviously that’s a stretch but with the world struggling with pollution and the constantly talked about topic of global warming, we thought we would get involved and that was a big focus for our design team when we broke ground for our newest location over in Happy Valley.

Performance Tune up

To help with this we contacted Oculus Studio. And, the result of their suggested energy efficiency measures enables the Happy Valley location of Wilhelm Automotive to have an annual energy operational cost of less than $700 per year. Very significantly the facility also generates enough annual electricity from solar energy to be energy positive, which means it produces more energy than it consumes.

By entering the project the APS Solutions for Business program and using the Whole Building Performance method Oculus was able to design financially feasible and realistic energy efficiency measures. For example, analysis during the design process showed energy efficiency measures could be applied to reduce envelope loads, such as exterior mass walls and R-40 roof insulation. An energy management system was shown to better control lighting and take advantage of daylighting. To further maximize savings, more efficient HVAC equipment and interior LED lighting was incorporated into the final design. Working in combination the energy efficiency measures resulted in an Energy Use Index (EUI) of 7.62 kWh per square foot per year and showed a reduction in annual energy consumption of over 20%

In order to reduce utility cost even further, Oculus Studio designed a 34.56 kW DC hybrid roof / canopy solar PV system.

Lots of technical terms I know for us to keep up with but the main point is that at our newest location in Happy Valley we are energy positive. Which means we are producing more energy than we are using and we’re more efficient at it, –not wasting energy. In the Automotive industry (or any industry for that matter) that is rare. We want to thank Oculus studios for working with us to help us meet our vision of saving energy.


Common problems for your Hybrid Air Conditioning repairs

There are certain things you just cannot handle in the Arizona summer heat. AC in your hybrid is certainly one of them. If you are travelling to and from work every day, it is vital your hybrid Air Conditioning system is in good standing. With 100 degree + temperatures just around the corner (sorry to remind you), having your hybrid Air conditioning inspected and blowing cold can be the difference between a smooth, comfortable commute to work and a disastrous journey.

In the video above, we worked with Mike from our Happy Valley store to discuss the main issues with your AC system, how you can prevent it, and what to do when it does go wrong. The first thing he touches on is the cabin filter. One thing you may not know is your cabin filter can affect your allergies. A lot of the newer hybrid vehicles are now using charcoal filters, which do a much better job of filtering the air from outside. The charcoal filters catch the dirt and retain it so it does not affect your allergies. The picture below shows the difference between filters as Mike highlights during the video.

 I know there are a lot of do it yourself automotive mechanics out there which is great. We love anyone who is interested in the industry and we are here to help expand your knowledge. However, your Hybrid Air Conditioning system inspection is something we highly recommend to get performed by a trained/certified expert. The climate control system can be dangerous to service and it’s not something that is always diagnosed easily. If your air is blowing warmer or “not like it used to”, there are many issues than can cause this not just that your Freon is running low. It could be one of the following issues and even more;

  • Fans not working
  • Engine running hot
  • Computer can turn it off due to a pressure issue or other electrical fault.

If it is low on Freon due to a leak, one other thing to keep in mind is, this could affect your level of your hybrid air conditioning compressor oil, which could lead to further damage. If you start to notice that your hybrid Air Conditioning systems effectiveness is becoming worse, then get it inspected sooner rather than later as it can cause lead to more costly to repair with time. As Mike mentions in the video, if you catch something like this early, it is a relatively easy fix. If you continue to drive with your system attempting to operate in a weakened state then the problem could become more complicated and the fix may become more difficult.



KEYWORD; Hybrid Air conditioning

The future of the automotive world – Will my child ever have to learn how to drive?

Predicting the future with anything is often not worth trying. If you look back, how much has really changed over the past 10 years? The answer is pretty much everything. This includes the automotive world. Now we are using electric and hybrid cars more and more with many automobile manufactures going away from the “only gas powered market.” This blog looks at where we might be turn to in the future. It covers everything regarding automotive repair as well as self-driving cars and what are the main positives and negatives moving into a world of the unknown.

Many people have their own opinion when it comes to self-driving cars. There are obvious advantages that come with that but also not everyone would feel safe in an environment when they have so little control. For those of you who commute, imagine been able to get 45 minutes extra work done. That time is priceless on your commute. Or even, an extra 45 minutes rest on your way into work. After your day is done you can completely “switch off” and maybe listen to your music after a long day at work. Instead of that dreaded traffic you can now lay back and relax and let the car take you home. Your very own personal chauffeur who takes you to and from everywhere you need to be.

Also, safety is a huge plus. There would be no reason to drink and drive. Texting and driving or driving while distracted would also become a thing of the past. A lot of accidents on our roads come because of manual error, and not through the fault of a vehicle.

With the advantages come the fears. At first, it would be uneasy for somebody to completely give control of the vehicle to a computer. But after a while, the technology will be seen as normal. Our kids and their kids will soon not know any different. They will be born with a computer driving them to wherever they need to go. Its scary, but I think its the future. Also, what happens when it comes to automotive repair on these self-driving cars? The technology will be so far advanced it will require only the best automotive technicians. The industry as a whole is already ran by technology and keeping up to date but this is nothing to what it will be a few years from now.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are your kids ever going to need to learn how to drive? And if not, would you feel safe sending them out with technology controlling their fate. Its a debate that will rage on for many years to come but whether we like it or not, the future is going to happen.


Hybrid Warranty – Get more for your money with 36,000miles/36 month

We have recently extended our hybrid warranty another year. That’s right, all our work has a 36,000 mile/36 month warranty. This includes all your battery work. At Wilhelm we have always stood behind our work, but now we have extended that warranty even further.

The quality of our work done by our hybrid certified technicians is what makes us who we are. Since entering the hybrid business in 2014, Wilhelm has put an emphasis on getting only the best technicians around and regularly training them to keep them up to date with the latest hybrid technology. That is one of the many reasons we have decided to extend our hybrid warranty. We believe you should leave the shop with a peace of mind that your work is done to the highest standard and we hold ourselves accountable for that. With our work, we are sure you will be confident and back on the road in no time. Whether it is a simple oil change, or a more complicated battery replacement. Our 36,000 mile/36 month hybrid warranty will have your back and cover you moving forward.

When you are going through some more expensive repair work, or your battery needs replacing. It is vital you are covered and the company doing the work stands by their work. With us, we are always on the other end of the phone to guide you through the process and after the service is done we are also there to answer any questions. If you are unsure of anything during the process, ask any of our qualified and experience service writers in store and they will be happy to explain what is going on.

Wilhelm has been Arizona’s premier hybrid repair facility since 2014 and is your number one stop for all your repair and service needs.

Get in the Hybrid Maintenance Routine

Lets face it, after purchasing your brand new hybrid or electric vehicle. Hybrid maintenance is hardly at the top of your to-do list. As a hybrid maintenance expert, we understand that. Fortunately, your hybrid can be much easier to maintain than a regular vehicle. Here are a few tips we have put together to help you out when it comes to staying on top of things;

  1. Change your Oil and Filters – Much like regular gas pow
    ered cars, your hybrid or electric vehicle will still need the most basic maintenance details. These are imperative to keeping your vehicle on the road and running smoothly. T
    he most basic is the Oil change. The good news is, your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV) do not need their oil changed as regularly as a regular gas powered vehicle. It is recommended to change your oil anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 miles (depending on the age of the vehicle) and your filter every 40,000 miles or so.
  2. Brake Pads – Also a key maintenance issue with regards to your hybrid. Brake pads are an obvious safety concern and again there is good news. They need to be replaced less frequently than a regular car. While you are getting your oil changed, for peace of mind, it is always a good idea to have your brakes checked. At Wilhelm we do this as a courtesy for all vehicles anyway. Safety is our number 1 priority so its important you leave the shop feeling 100% satisfied.
  3. Use an expert hybrid technician – Hybrids are different to your regular cars. When you go get your car serviced, make sure the shop has the correct certificates to service your needs and put you at ease.

Hybrid maintenance, oil change, brake check

Hybrid Maintenance

So there it is, the main tip is to make maintenance routine – like regular cars, its important for regular trips to your repair shop to save you major problems in the long run. While you are having your oil changed, why not get everything else inspected as well. Hybrids are generally easier to maintain than your regular car with less chance to go wrong. The main issues lot of  hybrid owners have, end up being with replacing the battery. If you stay on top of everything else, you will be just fine.

Hybrid options: The Main Differences Between Traditional And Plug-Ins

Hybrid cars are becoming more talked about than ever. With more Hybrid vehicles on the road than ever before, the topic is getting more acknowledgment from the automotive world. Big manufacturers all over the world are continuing to buy in to the hybrid and electric car world, which will continue to push the popularity. What we are going to discuss today is your two options when it comes to the hybrid vehicle. The traditional hybrid vehicle, and the hybrid plug in option. We will start by finding out what are the main similarities between the two and move on to the main differences and why they might affect which vehicle you want to purchase.

Okay, so lets start with the main similarities between the two. Both of these vehicles use two propulsion methods. These are an electric motor and an internal combustion method. In certain situations when more power is needed for the vehicle, both of these are used simultaneously.

In the traditional Hybrid, which is often abbreviated HEV, at the lower speeds; the electric motor is usually where the power will be provided. As the speed increases, we will then be looking to the second method for propelling the vehicle and that is the internal combustion method. The plug in vehicle depends on just the electric motor for speed and propulsion. Only when the hybrids battery depletes to a predetermined level does the plug in use the second propulsion method (the internal combustion method) In short, the plug-in is ran by its electric motor alone and the gas is used to extend its range.

Comparing the efficiency of the two depends on how many miles you will be driving in your vehicle. Overall, the plug-ins energy savings will be much more substantial than the traditional hybrid mainly because its main power source is the battery powered electric motor. In the HEV, the engine is still powered by gasoline and the electric motor is used to complement the combustion engine.