About The Hybrid Shop

Who We Are

Great news for Arizona hybrid vehicle owners! Wilhelm is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with The Hybrid Shop to bring hybrid vehicle owners certified, high-quality maintenance and hybrid repair technology not offered anywhere else in the state.

Why did we choose to partner with The Hybrid Shop? Easy – because they think like we do. They care about people, not just their cars and their dollars. Here’s a little bit from their website that we like…

Right now, somewhere around the world, a Hybrid vehicle owner is getting ready to waste thousands of dollars to replace a battery he or she should NOT be replacing.
Right now, somewhere around the world, a Hybrid vehicle repair shop is giving someone the wrong advice simply because they haven’t been trained properly in Hybrid vehicle repair and maintenance.
And right now, somewhere around the world, a used hybrid battery is being tossed into a landfill—a tragedy considering a simple process called “conditioning” could have prevented such waste and further damage on our environment.

The Cities We Serve

At the Hybrid Shop, we’ve heard enough of these stories, and we’re ready for things to change. This is exactly why automotive dealers around the country and world are using our exclusive Hybrid Battery Conditioning Technology and other world-class educational training so as to offer elite service to the Hybrid Vehicle owners in their marketplace.

Founded in 2013, The Hybrid Shop is a growing international network of high quality auto repair shops around America that are committed to providing expert care for hybrid vehicles through the highest level of training, the most advanced diagnostic systems, and the patented battery conditioning process. What does that mean for you? Very simply, when you choose The Hybrid Shop AZ, you are choosing to have your car fixed by someone who will care for YOUR car just like they would their own, someone who is committed to your complete satisfaction, and someone who has the most recent and most advanced hybrid training available. As Arizona’s leaders in hybrid vehicle maintenance and hybrid battery conditioning, we are prepared to deal with the explosion of the hybrid electric vehicle market and advanced green technology – and with your family’s sedan or your business’s fleet.

Nowhere else in the state of Arizona will you find repair shops this qualified, advanced, and most of all, this… caring!

To learn about the History of The Hybrid Shop, check out this video below: